the best puppet show ever made

To have a perfect, cotton-candy-coloured life: vibrant applause, accordion is playing and Pippi Longstocking is the strongest person on earth. The star of the show is sitting in her dressing room, getting ready to share happiness. Balloons, make-up and endless smiles. Only when the night falls and pre-recorded laughs get stuck, a different kind of story starts to creep from the mirrors.


Flocks of cotton and bursting balloon animals recount memories of the lost family, a mistaken act of violence and mind-haunting sheep. Why can’t one escape wickedness by closing the door and covering all openings with candy floss? Who has hidden a gun in the cushion? If one organizes her own funeral, who gives the beautiful speech?

Funny is a five-star performance on its way to world fame. Funny is wit, Funny is skillful, Funny is touching, Funny is the best puppet show ever made.


Dirty Duckling’s latest piece of art fills the stage with cotton, sheep and clowns. This dreamy and distorted spectacle contains hints of pop culture and nursery rhymes, a great amount of stage charisma and some incredibly invisible puppet manipulation. Armed with puppets, physical theater and video projections, the show is both humorous and yet brings in some important and current themes of societal violence and mental health.


Leading ladies of Funny are enchanting Merja Pöyhönen and Riina Tikkanen, who are both known from major Finnish puppet theatre shows. The supporting working group is packed with true stars of Finnish contemporary puppet theater - including an incredibly multi talented director, nation’s most celebrated puppetry composer and not only one but three award winning visual designers.  


DURATION: 1h (no intermission)



puppets, masks, video projections, physical theater

LANGUAGE: without spoken words

AUDIENCE: max. 200


PREMIERE: autumn 2021

AUDITORIUM TYPE: black box, parterre